Having a wealth of Motorsport knowledge and linked to many of the racing circuits in the UK and in Europe we can offer great tuition to those who really want to get the best out of a track day with either their own car or hired special track day car.


Is On Track Tuition Necessary?


The question is would you go for your first golf session without tuition from a professional? The answer most probably is no. Or have you ever been on a track day on your own and felt intimidated by the surroundings or by other drivers with much faster cars, to the point where you lost confidence and either finished the day early disappointed with yourself or didn't get the best out of it?


Well whilst we have some of the best tracks and the best managed events in Europe, with organisations like Gold-track, MSVT, RMA Track events etc, who do offer coaching on the day subject to availability, there is nothing like one on one coaching for the whole day! Our track day includes an open pit lane with an unrestricted number of laps where you have a professional that can spend quality time with you from the time you arrive to the time you leave. They will help build your confidence to get the best not only from your car, but from yourself too.


We are not professing that we can mould you into the next Lewis Hamilton, but confident with our tuition you will leave the circuit with a very broad grin on your face having got the best out of yourself and the car you’re driving.


Track Day Tuition Silverstone, Brands Hatch and other UK racing tracks
Jamie Stanley - Professional racing driver for Silverstone on track tuition

Track Day Car Options


Our private track day tuition not only offers you access to the best racing tracks in the UK and Europe, but also the option to either use your own car or hire one, either supplied by the circuit itself or from our own stable.


Track Day Silverstone in one of our Ferraris

Silverstone On Track Tuition


Those who want to get the best out of a track day and perhaps your first time, then Silverstone is a great starting point. Why you ask? Well apart from being the home of the British Grand Prix and to be driving on the same piece of tarmac as your F1 Heros do, it’s due to the fact it is a GP circuit & is obviously one of the safest. There are plenty of run off areas for those over-exuberant moments, so the circuit gives you that confidence to try perhaps a little harder in building your knowledge in track craft and car craft, knowing you will have some of the best on track tuition in the industry sat right next you, getting the very best out of you and your car!


It's also gratifying to finish the day knowing that your car is still in the same condition as it was at the beginning, regardless of which one you chose to drive. This is the benefit of professional racing driver coaching.


We can also offer similar race coaching at Brands Hatch, Donnington, or even Spa GP in Belgium.


Please contact us for further information about our Track Days whether you’re looking for one to one on track tuition or a Corporate Track Day Event.

Silverstone On Track Tuition in a Ferrari
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