Jack Sherwood - 2024 Sponsorship Guide

The F4 British Championship is well-positioned on the ever-popular ‘TOCA package’, supporting the British Touring Car Championship across the United Kingdom, with the numbers of fans trackside rivalling some of the nation’s most popular football teams. Its position on the bill ensures live ITV4 coverage of at least one race every weekend, with broadcasts reaching some 16 million viewers in the United Kingdom alone. In 2022, several meetings enjoyed live broadcasts on ITV1, further boosting viewership.

In addition, Jack Sherwood has partnered with motorsport marketing agency Torque to promote his activity to the wider motorsport and non-motorsport media, helping to introduce himself to the world in an engaging and professional manner. 

The championship also has its own on-site hospitality unit, for the use of drivers, sponsors, teams, and valued guests, which is the perfect place to relax or conduct business in private.


Jack Sherwood - 2024 Sponsorship Guide
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